• The End of Leadership?

    The End of Leadership?

    Jack Barentsen, Steven van den Heuvel, Peirong Lin

    The End of Leadership outlines a response to the deep and dramatic changes currently taking place in leadership, power and authority, as observed...
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  • Melanchton und die Reformierte Tradition

    Melanchton und die Reformierte Tradition

    Andreas Beck

    Andreas J. Beck versammelt die Beiträge der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Tagung "Melanchthon und die Reformierte Tradition", die vom 10.-12....
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  • New Perspectives on Healing, Restoration and Reconciliation in John’s Gospel

    New Perspectives on Healing,...

    Jacobus (Kobus) Kok

    In New Perspectives on Healing, Restoration and Reconciliation in John, Jacobus (Kobus) Kok investigates the depth and applicability of Jesus’...
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  • Jonathan Edwards’s Turn from the Classic-Reformed Tradition of Freedom of the Will

    Jonathan Edwards’s Turn from the...

    Philip. J. Fisk

    The author offers a critical reappraisal of Jonathan Edwards’s Freedom of Will, interpreting Edwards from within his own tradition, Reformed...
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  • Christian Leadership in a Changing World: Perspectives from Africa and Europe

    Christian Leadership in a Changing...

    Jack Barentsen, Volker Kessler, Elke Meier (ed.)

    How can leaders live their Christian values in a world which is changing at an ever faster pace and getting more complex every day? In this...
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  • Challenges of Moral Leadership

    Challenges of Moral Leadership

    Patrick Nullens, Steven C. van den Heuvel (ed.)

    What is it about leadership that makes being a moral leader such a challenge? Why do leaders typically make the same mistakes over and over again,...
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ETF colloquium: “Bruggen bouwen, verleden en heden”

ETF colloquium: “Bruggen bouwen,...

ETF Leuven viert haar aftredend rector prof. dr. Patrick Nullens

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Het versterken van de identiteit van christelijke organisaties

Het versterken van de identiteit van...

Dissertatie van Peirong Lin over ‘mission drift’ bij World Vision

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