Dr. W. Creighton Marlowe
Education, degrees
  • 1993-2002: Post-doctoral seminars on Hebrew philology, University of Leiden
  • 1980-1985: Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary Memphis, TN (Ph.D. dissertation: “The Development of Old Testament Hebrew Lexicography”)
  • 1977-1979: Master of Theology, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, OR
  • 1974-1977: Master of Divinity in Christian Education, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary Portland, OR
  • 1973-1974: Post-graduate study, Hebrew and Akkadian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
  • 1969-1973: Bachelor of Arts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
Academic positions and teaching experience
  • 2012: Interim OT Chair, ETF Leuven
  • 2007-: Associate Professor of Old Testament, ETF Leuven
  • 2004-: Lecturer in Old Testament, Center of Evangelical & Reformation Theology (CERT), Free University Amsterdam (member of the Advisory Committee of CERT)
  • 2000-2006: Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp (NL)
  • 1994-2000: Associate Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp (NL)
  • 1997-2000: Old Testament Dean of Kiev Christian University, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 1990-1992: Acting Academic Dean, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp (NL)
  • 1989-1994: Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp (NL)
  • 1988-1989: Visiting Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary Portland, OR
  • 1985-1986: Adjunct Professor of Bible and Missions, Mid-South Bible College (now Crichton College of John Brown University, Memphis, TN)
  • 1982-1983: Teacher, Bible, and American History, Skyview Academy, Memphis, TN
  • 1980-1986: Teaching Assistant, Old Testament Department, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary Memphis, TN
  • 1977-1979: Teaching Fellow, Church History, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary Portland, OR
Academic memberships
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
  • Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
  • Institute of Biblical Research (IBR)
  • Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians (FEET)
  • Center for Evangelical and Reformation Theology (CERT)
  • Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS)
  • National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH)
  • 1993: Inclusion in Who’s Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology
Church ministry
  • 1994-1999: Education elder, pulpit supply, Trinity Baptist Church, Wassenaar, NL
  • 1987: Ordination to ministry, Open Door Bible Church, Memphis, TN
  • 1983-1985: Assistant Pastor, Northside Bible Church, Memphis, TN
  • 1982-1983: Assistant Pastor, Central Church North, Memphis, TN
Selected Bibliography


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