Words and deeds of Hope

Christine (26), receptionist at ETF, in 3 quotes:

At ETF, I serve as a receptionist. I welcome guests and help with events. ETF offers a rich environment with international contacts from diverse church backgrounds. The beautiful thing about ETF is that though we all come from so many different countries and have different backgrounds, we have one purpose; proclaiming the Gospel in the world!”

“In the past year, I have followed some courses in the Bachelor’s program, focusing on the Bible and society. Through courses on world religions and missiology I gained insight into how other religions have taken shape over the centuries. It is a wonderful challenge to try to understand each other’s values and enter into dialogue with them. I learned about our Christian traditions, how they originated, and still inspire and influence us.’”

I would like to be involved with those who are new to society, such as refugees or asylum seekers. This group desires to receive words and deeds of Hope in their situation. The church, in all its possible forms, can be of eternal value in this. I hope to rekindle that awareness in myself, churches and my environment again and again!”

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