23 March 2020


Dear readers,

Developments around the corona virus have been very rapid in recent days. ETF Leuven, under the leadership of a special committee, has been able to anticipate timely and has taken the necessary measures for students, colleagues and residents. For example, all education takes place online, researchers work from home and the safest possible living situation on the peda is ensured.

The resilience and inventiveness of educational colleagues throughout the country is admirable. As a result, many pupils and students can continue to receive education in these special times.

Yet we cannot continue as if nothing has happened. And that is certainly not possible in school contexts where the primary focus is on education of people. People are getting sick because of the corona virus. People are dying because of the consequences of the virus. People worry about their own health and that of close family members. People feel insecure. Because children are cared for at home, homeworkers are not always able to give the work 100% attention.

People have been touched in several ways by the developments. Education should not want to ignore this, because education is people’s work. We strive for as much continuity as possible, but we cannot pretend that nothing has happened. We have to carry the pain together as much as possible. We must create space to set the right priorities, we must be patient, we must help each other, live with each other and suffer with each other, and sometimes park our own targets.

As an ETF community we believe in a God who wants to be near in all circumstances. That is why we pray for the sick in our society, for our government and for healthcare personnel. And we pray for education in our country. We are touched; and we ask God to be near.

Prof. Dr. Jos de Kock

(Photo by Tom van Limpt)

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