Theology and faith go hand in hand

Samuël (19) starts in September with his second year of the Bachelor:

I was born in 1999, still a child of the 20th century. When I was a kid, I used to love LEGO. As a teenager at youth evenings of my church, I met people that did not love Lego as much as I did. However, we did have something else in common; our faith in Jesus Christ. Since then, my passion for LEGO has changed in my passion for God!”

Christianity in Belgium
Over the years, I felt a call for my home country Belgium. Belgium is so prosperous, but at the same time, I only know a few people that know about God. I knew then that I wanted to study theology. For me it was a logical step to take a look at the ETF. I doubted whether I could handle the high level of education, but I am very happy with the choice I made.”

“Studying at the ETF has been a big challenge. Where would I be without the community of the ETF, without my friends, classmates, and everyone who just comes by?”

Theology and faith
“The ETF certainly did not change my faith, but my view of everything has changed. I also became a member of Ichthus Leuven this year. It is nice to be part of Bible studies and praise and worship God, the God you study during the week. On the ETF, my faith has only increased and thanks to the environment there is room for theology and quiet time to go hand in hand.”

Are you, just like Samuël, passionate about God? You can register till September 15th for our programs. You can find more information about our Bachelor’s program here.