Dr. Mario Tafferner

Education, degrees

  • 2016–2022: PhD in Theological Studies with a concentration on Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, IL (USA).
  • 2012–2015: Master of Arts in Near Eastern Linguistic and Cultural Studies, Concentration in Semitic Studies, Philipps-Universität, Marburg.
  • 2009–2012: Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Freie Theologische Hochschule Gieß

 Academic positions and teaching experience

  • 2022–present: Affiliated Researcher in the Department of Old Testament, ETF Leuven
  • 2022–present: Assistant Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands
  • 2020–2022: Instructor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands.
  • 2018–2019: Robert D. Orr Endowed Fellow at the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL (USA)
  • 2016–2019: Adjunct Faculty Member for Theological German at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL (USA).
  • 2014–2015: Research Assistant in Old Testament at the Akademie für Reformatorische Theologie, Hannover, Germany.

Membership and Offices in Learned Societies

  • 2021–present: European Association of Biblical Studies
  • 2021–present: Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians

Selected Bibliography


  • “A Just King Before the Holy Gods: The Purpose of Royal Summary Accounts from Moab, Ancient South Arabia, and Israel,” PhD thesis, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, 2022.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • “The Literary History of 2 Samuel 8 and the Old Sabaic Royal Summary Inscription RES 3945/3946,” Vetus Testamentum 72 (2022): 315–339.
  • “The Good Life in Genesis and Beyond: A Christian Account of Disability, Selective Reproduction, and the Goodness of Life,” Dignitas 1–2 (2019): 3–8.

Book Reviews

  • Review of: Psalm 91 and Demonic Menace by G.C. Vreugdenhil in European Journal of Theology 31 no. 1 (2022): 114-115.
  • Review of: A Kingdom for a Stage: Political and Theological Reflection in the Hebrew Bible by Mark W. Hamilton in Trinity Journal (2020): 199-201.
  • Review of: Baal and the Politics of Poetry by Aaron Tugendhaft in Trinity Journal (2020).
  • Review of: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Developmental Composition of the Hebrew Bible by Eugene Ulrich in Glauben und Denken Heute (2017): 65-67.
  • Review of: Trinity, Revelation and Reading by Scott Swain in Glauben und Denken Heute (2016): 48–50.