Dr. H. H. Drake Williams III
Education, degrees
  • 1999: Ph.D. in New Testament, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 1995: M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, S. Hamilton, Massachusetts
  • 1987: B.A. History, B. S. Chemistry, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware
Academic positions and teaching experience
  • 2014-present: Guest Associate Professor of New Testament, ETF Leuven
  • 2014-present: Visiting Professor of New Testament, Bucharest State University, Bucharest, Romania
  • 2014-2018: Chair of the Biblical Studies Department, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands
  • 2008-2014: Academic Dean, Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • 2005-2018: Lecturer in/Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • 1997-1998: Tutorial Leader, University of Aberdeen
  • 1993-1994: Greek Teaching Assistant and Tutor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Membership and Offices in Learned Societies
  • 2013-present: Fellow in New Testament Study Society – VU University Amsterdam
  • 2013-present: Consulting Editor for Journal of Global Christianity
  • 2012-present: Chairman of the Seria de Comentarii Exegetice Romanesti
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Tyndale Fellowship
  • The Evangelical Theological Society
Selected Bibliography


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