• Driven by Hope

    Driven by Hope

    Steven van den Heuvel, Patrick Nullens

    Driven by Hope focuses on the central human experience of hope. In particular, it seeks to further a dialogue on this theme between theology and...
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  • Increasing Diversity

    Increasing Diversity

    Jack Barentsen, Steven van den Heuvel, Volker Kessler (ed.)

    Diversity has been a leadership topic since at least the 1990’s. Since then, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, religious and ethical diversity...
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  • Einleitung in das Neue Testament - Evangelien und Apostelgeschichte

    Einleitung in das Neue Testament -...

    Armin Baum

    In seiner umfangreichen historischen und literarischen Einleitung in die Evangelien und die Apostelgeschichte behandelt Armin Baum die klassischen...
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  • Theological Ethics and Moral Value Phenomena

    Theological Ethics and Moral Value...

    Steven C. van den Heuvel, Patrick Nullens, and Angela Roothaan (ed.)

    The experience of moral values is often side-lined in discussions about moral reasoning, and yet our values define a large part of our moral...
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  • The End of Leadership?

    The End of Leadership?

    Jack Barenten, Steven van den Heuvel, Peirong Lin (ed.)

    The End of Leadership outlines a response to the deep and dramatic changes currently taking place in leadership, power and authority, as observed...
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  • Melanchton und die Reformierte Tradition

    Melanchton und die Reformierte Tradition

    Andreas Beck

    Andreas J. Beck versammelt die Beiträge der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Tagung "Melanchthon und die Reformierte Tradition", die vom 10.-12....
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Global Jonathan Edwards Congress

Global Jonathan Edwards Congress

The Jonathan Edwards Congress aims to retrieve Edwards to answer the question of what the fundamental nature of religious experience is, and the value of...

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ETF Leuven Appoints Environmental Ethicist Michael Northcott

ETF Leuven Appoints Environmental...

Renowned British Professor joins Department of Systematic Theology

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