• Biblical Hebrew in Context: Essays in Semitics and Old Testament Texts in Honour of Professor Jan P. Lettinga

    Biblical Hebrew in Context: Essays...

    Koert van Bekkum, Gert Kwakkel and Wolter H. Rose

    For half a century Jan P. Lettinga (1921), Professor emeritus of Semitic Languages at the Theological University Kampen (Broederweg), greatly...
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  • Driven by Hope

    Driven by Hope

    Steven van den Heuvel, Patrick Nullens

    Driven by Hope focuses on the central human experience of hope. In particular, it seeks to further a dialogue on this theme between theology and...
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  • Increasing Diversity

    Increasing Diversity

    Jack Barentsen, Steven van den Heuvel, Volker Kessler (ed.)

    Diversity has been a leadership topic since at least the 1990’s. Since then, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, religious and ethical diversity...
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  • Einleitung in das Neue Testament - Evangelien und Apostelgeschichte

    Einleitung in das Neue Testament -...

    Armin Baum

    In seiner umfangreichen historischen und literarischen Einleitung in die Evangelien und die Apostelgeschichte behandelt Armin Baum die klassischen...
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  • Theological Ethics and Moral Value Phenomena

    Theological Ethics and Moral Value...

    Steven C. van den Heuvel, Patrick Nullens, and Angela Roothaan (ed.)

    The experience of moral values is often side-lined in discussions about moral reasoning, and yet our values define a large part of our moral...
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  • The End of Leadership?

    The End of Leadership?

    Jack Barenten, Steven van den Heuvel, Peirong Lin (ed.)

    The End of Leadership outlines a response to the deep and dramatic changes currently taking place in leadership, power and authority, as observed...
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Aza Goudriaan Part-time Guest Professor at ETF Leuven

Aza Goudriaan Part-time Guest...

Historical Theologian Strengthens Institute of Post-Reformation Studies (IPRS)

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ETF Colloquium: “Building Bridges, Enabling Encounters”

ETF Colloquium: “Building Bridges,...

Historical Theologian Antonie Vos to Give Farewell Address

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