• The New Heaven and New Earth

    The New Heaven and New Earth

    Raymond R. Hausoul

    There is a growing focus on the Christian confession of God’s completed kingdom, the new heaven and the new earth. This theme has time and again...
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  • Being Human in a Technological Age

    Being Human in a Technological Age

    Steven C. van den Heuvel

    ‘What does it mean to be human?’ This age-old question has gained new urgency in the light of current technological developments. This volume...
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  • Drawing and Transcending Boundaries in the New Testament and Early Christianity

    Drawing and Transcending Boundaries...

    Jacobus (Kobus) Kok, Martin Webber, Jermo van Nes

    The construction of early Christian identity was a dynamic process in which social boundaries were drawn but also transcended. The source...
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  • Other Voices in Old Testament Interpretation

    Other Voices in Old Testament...

    W. Creighton Marlowe

    The main goal of this book is to provide a collection of essays (formerly only available separately in various academic journals) that offer...
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  • Servant Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and the Will to Serve

    Servant Leadership, Social...

    Luk Bouckaert, Steven van den Heuvel

    This book brings together a number of important essays on the intersection of servant leadership and social entrepreneurship, examining them...
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  • Wait a Minute in Stressful Times

    Wait a Minute in Stressful Times

    Jos de Kock

    This lecture explores two questions: (1) How might learning in encounter be understood as a concept and as a practice in current-day practices of...
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Global Jonathan Edwards Congress

Global Jonathan Edwards Congress

The Jonathan Edwards Congress aims to retrieve Edwards to answer the question of what the fundamental nature of religious experience is, and the value of...

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ETF Leuven Appoints Environmental Ethicist Michael Northcott

ETF Leuven Appoints Environmental...

Renowned British Professor joins Department of Systematic Theology

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