Old Testament

Old Testament

Department chair: Prof. Dr. Koert van Bekkum

Studies in Old Testament

The Department of Old Testament at ETF Leuven conducts research into the Old Testament books in the original languages against the background of the cultures and religions of the Ancient Near East. A wide range of historical, literary, and linguistic methods are used. Specific attention is paid to the way the texts express their message and to the dynamics by which biblical passages not only make use of their own social and cultural context, but also respond to it in a critical and transformative way. It is precisely in this way that it becomes clear how the texts not only relate to the discourse about God in the Bible as a whole, but also have significance for contemporary issues. The current form of the text and of the Old Testament canon is the starting point of research. From this point of departure historical questions are also addressed. In addition, fruitful use is made of new perspectives in biblical exegesis, such as literary and feminist interpretations. Besides the study of the biblical texts themselves, the reception of the biblical books in early translations and interpretations such as the Septuagint and the Targumim, as well as in the early church and the wider Protestant-evangelical tradition, is investigated.

Independent Academic Personnel

Prof. Dr. Koert van Bekkum Literary, historical, and theological aspects of Genesis – 2 Kings; archaeology of the Southern Levant and biblical history; 19th and 20th century evangelical and Reformed interpretation of OT
Prof. Dr. Geert W. Lorein Exilic and post-exilic biblical writings; early OT interpretation; Psalms in the Targum; general introduction to the OT
Prof. Dr. Markus Zehnder OT Ethics; OT law in biblical and ancient Near Eastern context; immigration in the OT; violence in the OT and its ancient Near Eastern context; Messianic expectations

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel Prophecy; intertextuality

Special Academic Personnel

Dr. Hans van den Herik Prophecy; Ezekiel; priestly literature
Dr. Creighton Marlowe Bible translation; wisdom literature; Hebrew poetry
Prof. Dr. Mart-Jan Paul Pentateuch; archaeology of the Southern Levant and biblical history; Jewish interpretation; hermeneutics
Dr. Josiah Peeler Hebrew; Jeremiah
Dr. Siegbert Riecker Missiology in the OT; OT and apologetics; book of Joshua; history of OT research
Dr. Mario Tafferner Former Prophets; West-Semitic inscriptions

External Instructors

Dr. Benjamin Kilchör Pentateuch; Old Testament Law collections; Pentateuchal criticism; Ezekiel
Wouter Wakker, MPhil Hebrew; Valency Grammar

 Doctoral Students (with or without AAP/SAP-status)

Mart Jan Luteijn Christ, Context & Crime: a Theological-Hermeneutical Approach to the Exegesis regarding the Cities of Refuge in the Hexateuch
Ashraf Melika Epistemology of Suffering in Ancient Israelite, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian Wisdom Literature
Héctor Molano Social Justice in the Eight Century BCE Prophets and Their Significance in the Present Context of South America
Joshua Sherrill Scribal Culture, Old Testament Textual Criticism and the Doctrine of Holy Scripture
Bram van den Heuvel Memories of a Flood: The Search for Patterns in the Worldwide Attestation of Flood Stories
Sjoerd van der Wielen Structure and Meaning in the Book of Numbers: Discerning its Literary Composition within the Context of Genesis to Joshua
Vladimir Yakim Resurrection in the Book of Daniel


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