New Testament

New Testament

Department chair: Prof. Dr. Jacobus (Kobus) Kok

Studies in New Testament

Research in the department of New Testament focuses mainly on two lines of investigation. Firstly, within the canon of the New Testament, research is being conducted into the relationships between the various parts of the New Testament (Gospels, Acts, Pauline and Catholic Epistles). Secondly, the department joins in the current debate regarding the relationship between the canonical books and other early Christian literature. This debate deals with subjects such as pseudepigraphy, historiography, early Christian hymns and prayers, and baptism. This second line of research is followed mainly within the Research Centre for Early Christianity (RCEC) and in cooperation with the department of Historical Theology. The department also pays attention to teaching Greek in a Dutch-speaking context.

Independent Academic Personnel

Prof. Dr. Jacobus (Kobus) Kok (Social) identity, drawing and transcending borders; healing, restoration and renovation in John
Prof. Dr. Armin Baum Greco-Roman background, history
Prof. Dr. Gie Vleugels Semitic background & literature
Prof. Dr. Martin Webber Liturgy, Catholic Epistles

Special Academic Personnel

Dr. Jeremy Otten Luke, Acts
Dr. Boris Paschke Matthew, Early Christian Prayer
Dr. Jermo van Nes New Testament Greek, Pauline Literature, Quantitative Linguistics
Dr. H.H. Drake Williams III Corinthians, Paul, the Old Testament in the New

External Instructors

Dr. Mark Paridaens

Doctoral students (with or without AAP/SAP status)

Erwin Agteres Paul’s Metaphor of Inheritance in Light of Its First Century Socio-Historical Context
David Bosworth Examination of in-group/out-group boundary markers in 1 Corinthians 5:1-13: A Social Identity Theoretical Approach
Daniel Gleich Paulinismen in der Apostelgeschichte? Ein Vergleich der Paulusreden in der Apostelgeschichte mit dem Corpus Paulinum
Benoît Lemestrez Caractérisation et valorisation des personnages secondaires dans Marc 2,1-12; 5,25-34; 10,48-52 et la relation entre le concept de la foi marcienne et ses milieux linguistiques
Sascha Neudorf Die Schöpfungsordnung als ethisches Basiskriterium im Neuen Testament
Torben Plitt Die Tendenzen der Jesustraditionen und das Gesetz vom Wachstum der überlieferung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Gedächtnispsychologie (und der Oral Poetry-Forschung)
Yevgeny Ustinovich Lexical Interference in the Greek Language of the Gospel of John
Gijsbert van Appeldoorn – joint doctorate TU Kampen The Formation of Identity with the Use of the Pair Light and Darkness in the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Research institutes and groups

Research Center for Early Christianity (RCEC)

Bicultural Identity as a Means to Negotiate Cultural Religious Differences

Bicultural Identity as a Means to...

Dissertation of Ji-Ung Lim on intergenerational value differences among Christian Koreans in Germany

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