Reformation in the Low Countries

31 October 2016

Reformation in the Low Countries

This is one of three inspiring courses offered in ETF’s Summer Colloquium, scheduled August 21 – 26, 2017. This international study week includes lectures, various workshops and times for meeting and reflection.

Registration is open until 1 June 2017.

herman-selderhuis_websiteVariety characterizes the process of Reformation in 16th century Netherlands. This variety is reflected in theological traditions as well as in historical developments, elements that have made the Low Countries a very interesting research area for scholars of the Early Modern Period.

In this course we will follow these traditions and developments consisting of Lutheranism, Anabaptism and Calvinism, and within each of these variety between strictness and liberalism.

The Reformation process was combined with political changes of revolt and renewal, economic and cultural developments finally resulting in a Dutch Republic that became famous for its tolerance, wealth and power. In this course attention will also be paid to the iconoclastic movement, the position of refugee congregations, changes in liturgy and church organization and the impact of the Reformation on spirituality, on education and culture.

As to the theological aspects of the Dutch Reformation we will note the various sources of influence which resulted in the unique breadth within Calvinism.refo-500-logo_website

Finally the course will also deal with the position of Catholics and Anabaptists and other groups outside the privileged reformed religion. Thus the issue of tolerance and religious diversity is central in this course.

Prof. Dr. Herman J. Selderhuis is Professor of Church History at the Theological University Apeldoorn and Director of Refo500. He is the author and editor of several books.

ETF’s Summer Colloquium in August 2017 features three inspiring courses which intersect theology, church and society. The two other courses are:

This international study week includes lectures, various workshops and times for meeting and reflection. Our Summer Colloquium is compulsory for ETF Open University students open to interested people with academic qualifications and can serve as additional in-service training for pastors, teachers, and other ministry professionals.


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