Resurrection, Time, and Justification

Resurrection, Time, and Justification

Referencing Karl Barth, Wolfhart Pannenberg, and Robert Jenson

Resurrection, Time, and Justification delves into the enigmatic concept of time and its relation to Christian theology, with a particular focus on the future’s impact on time. Rather than attempting to solve the mystery of time, this book aims to provide an insightful reflection that will deepen our understanding of time in light of Christian theology. The book poses several thought-provoking questions, such as whether the future is completely shrouded in mystery or whether it provides a glimpse of itself that beckons us toward it.

Additionally, the book explores whether the future retroactively affects the present and how time flows. Dr. Lee examines Christian theology’s distinct perspective on time, which is informed by its doctrines of the resurrection, the last event, and justification. In the process, the book explores the concept of retroactivity, which is derived from the implications of the resurrection and its power over history and time. Ultimately, the book seeks to unpack the power of the resurrection over time and history and to assert that Jesus as the risen is the center of history.

(Book: ISBN: 978-1-7936-4492-3, E-book: ISBN: 978-1-7936-4493-0)

Lee, Sang Hoon. Resurrection, Time and Justification: Referencing Karl Barth, Wolfhart Pannenberg, and Robert Jenson. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2023.