Q&A in Genesis 1-11

Q&A in Genesis 1-11

New Views on Pre-Historic News

The first 11 chapters of the Bible fascinate and frustrate readers. Traditional commentaries on these stories typically follow safe, expected explanations. But more is needed. This book offers new and unconventional answers to questions about Genesis 1–11. For example:

Were creation days literal days?
Did God lie to Adam?
Was Enoch taken alive to Heaven?
Did angels and humans procreate and produce giants?
Why did God drown all life?

While readers may not be convinced by every argument, they will be challenged to think in new and exciting ways.

(Ebook: ASIN: B0BY379286)

Marlowe, W. Creighton. Q&A in Genesis 1–11: New Views on Pre-Historic News. Wingate, NC: POV Publishing, 2023.