Degree Programs

At the ETF, you can obtain four recognized degrees in the field of theology and religious studies: Bachelor, Master, teacher and PhD.

The Bachelor’s degree program (in Dutch) takes three years and consists of 180 credits. This course has three specializations: Bijbel en Theologie, Kerk en Pastoraat, and ‘Godsdienst en Onderwijs’.

The two-year English Master’s degree program (120 credits) further builds on this, yet it is also possible to enroll in our Master with another Bachelor’s degree. The Master’s program offers the same three specializations: Bible and Theology, Church and Pastoral Ministries, and Religion and Education.

If you follow the one-year specific teacher training program during or after your Master’s program, you acquire the required degree to give Protestant Evangelical religious education in higher secondary education.

Finally, the ETF offers a PhD program, which takes three to four years full-time. The core task is conducting scientific research leading to a dissertation, under the guidance of a supervisor.

Summer Colloquium '18

Summer Colloquium '18

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