Studying at ETF

Studying at ETF

Annually, some 200 students are enrolled in one of ETF’s programs. When you ask them why they choose to study theology at the ETF, you get the following answers:

10 good reasons to study theology at ETF

  • Equipment for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ into the world
  • Love for the Bible as the inspired and authoritative word of God
  • Academic level: a classic approach with attention to the current practice
  • Internationality in an enriching interdenominational and multicultural context
  • Individualized programs with several ways of enrollment and options for further studies
  • Output: our graduates easily find their way to the job market
  • Active participation of the students in policy-making
  • Personal guidance in study related matters as well as spiritual development
  • Housing on campus: where living and studying is comfortable and where you make friends for life
  • Leuven: a lively student city in the heart of Europe


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