As an exchange student

If you are studying in another institute of higher education in Belgium or abroad, you are welcome to take a few courses, a minor, a semester or a year of your education at the ETF Leuven.

The ETF Leuven participates in the European Union Erasmus+ program, so exchanges with numerous foreign institutions are straightforward and well-organized.Erasmus+ LOGO

Even beyond the Erasmus+ program, you can follow a part of your education at the ETF Leuven. Most institutes of higher education encourage you to follow a part of your program at another institution.

The academic secretariat will be glad to inform you on the possibilities.

Erasmus+ Charter 2021-2027

Erasmus Policy Statement

Application and Enrollment

Application and Enrollment

In order to register for one of our educational programs, you first need to fill in an online application form and send us copies of your previously...

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