Leave a Legacy Gift in your Will

Leave a Legacy Gift in your Will

Would you like to support the ETF Leuven even after your death? You can leave a legacy gift in your will.

In Belgium: Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw

As of July 1, 2021, a charity, such as ETF Leuven, will no longer pay inheritance tax. Three types of bequests are possible. If you would like to know which bequest best suits your situation, you best contact a notary.

In the Netherlands: Stichting vrienden van de ETF

You can decide to leave (part of) your estate to the ‘Stichting vrienden van de ETF’ (Friends of ETF). As a Public Welfare Institution (ANBI), ETF Leuven does not have to pay tax on legacies. So the whole sum allocated to the ‘Stichting vrienden van de ETF’ is used for the work of the ETF Leuven.

If you decide to mention ‘Stichting vrienden van de ETF’ in your will, you can contact your notary. The notary will draw up a valid will and ensure its execution after your death.

For everyone who would like to leave a bequest in a will: ‘I bequeath, free of rights and expenses, to the ‘Stichting vrienden van de ETF’ in Nijmegen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce for the Rhine Land under no. 41017446, a sum in cash, amounting to € …’

For question related to legacies, please contact our accountant Bernard Vantieghem, +32 16 20 08 95.

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