Education for Education

Education for Education

Set up a campaign for your school or Church

Would you like to support ETF with your local church, school or Bible study group? Then set up a fun campaign for our organization! It’s great if churches, schools and Bible study groups become familiar with the mission of ETF. In this way, people get to see the value of the importance of theological education for the body of Christ. We see our work as an investment in the future of churches and schools. This is a mission in which we would like your church, school or Bible study group to be involved!

Why a campaign for ETF?

  • Arrange an enjoyable team-building activity which not only builds up the ETF, but also your community!
  • Increase people’s awareness of our organization.
  • Involve your whole church, school or Bible study group in the mission of ETF.
  • You can select a specific goal for sponsorship yourself.
  • All gifts are tax deductible.
  • Support God’s Kingdom in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Below is a list of download material for various campaigns. Think up a fun campaign for ETF yourself, or make use of the ideas below.

Primary school/Sunday school:

  1. Saving for ETF
  2. Bake sale for ETF
  3. Competition ‘Who’s the best pastor?’

Secondary School:

  1. Band Battle for renovation of the roof of ETF, ‘The Roof Off
  2. Making Belgian Waffles for ETF
  3. Bob a Job

Church and Bible study group:

  1. Talk your Church Round
  2. Collection
  3. Sale of books for the ETF library, ‘Books for books



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Become friend of ETF Leuven

Become friend of ETF Leuven

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