Public Welfare Institution (ANBI) - ETF

The Evangelical Theological Faculty VZW has the status of a public welfare institution. This means that all gifts made to the ETF can be deducted from taxable income. For more information, visit

Official name of the organization Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven vzw
Tax number 823820257
Business number (Belgium) 0411.947.023

Our address is Sint-Jansbergsesteenweg 95-97 in 3001 Leuven (Belgium). You can reach us by email or telephone: or +32 16 20 08 95.

Bank details

IBAN NL39 INGB 0000 6425 25

The ETF is arranged as a non-profit organization (VZW). This means that there are two managerial bodies. Firstly, there is the General Assembly, which appoints board members, can amend the statues and approves the budget. The second body is the Board of Trustees, which is authorized to appoint staff and to amend the internal regulations.

The board members of the ETF are listed here. All members of both the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly perform their work for the ETF unpaid.

The goal of our institution can be summarized as follows:
The goal of the ETF is to deepen and strengthen the international evangelical movement by means of theological education and research and through social service provision.’

Strategy and policy
You can find more information about strategy and policy here.

Activities carried out
Information about the activities implemented and the financial accountability can be found in the ETF annual report 2020.

Friends of ETF

Friends of ETF

Regular giving, for example through monthly sponsorship, is a simple, effective and lasting way of supporting the ETF. In the Netherlands or Belgium, you...

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