Two Hands

Two Hands

Prayer points and thanksgiving winter 2020-2021

  • Thanks for the new research institute ISREYM.
  • Thanks the new students we received in our community.
  • Thanks for the 24 people who received their theology diploma’s in November.Pray for the finances of ETF in these corona times.
  • Pray for the exam period at the end of the first semester, especially for the first year students for whom it will be their first time.
  • Pray for the coming (online) open days.
  • Pray for students who face different and new challenges due to the coronation crisis.
  • Pray for our students and staff, especially those affected by illness and loss.
Friends of ETF

Friends of ETF

Regular giving, for example through monthly sponsorship, is a simple, effective and lasting way of supporting the ETF. In the Netherlands or Belgium, you...

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