There’s plenty to be done at the ETF. This means that there are all sorts of opportunities to make a contribution as a volunteer. Consider, for example, working in the library, at the reception or during events on the campus. A helping hand is often needed with translation work from home (mainly Dutch-English), staffing the ETF stand at events in Flanders and the Netherlands, and doing odd jobs around the building and in the garden. So we can well do with some practical help!

Profile of ETF volunteer

  • Christian and committed member of a Church
  • serving, visitor-oriented and flexible attitude
  • able to make and keep to arrangements

What we offer

  • Travel costs and expenses
  • Independent and responsible task at an appropriate level
  • Varied duties
  • Opportunity to be part of an international team with a good atmosphere at work
  • Work in a dynamic environment


Inspiring Stories from (previous) Volunteers

Liisa Zondervan
At one stage during my course at ETF, I reached the point where I was only studying part-time. Rather than run the risk of becoming lazy, it seemed to me it would be a good idea to find a part-time job as well. At that time, ETF happened to be looking for a receptionist to work twenty hours a week, and even though it was voluntary work, it fitted in very well. In this way, I had the opportunity to do something in return for the college where I had learned so much.

As a receptionist, my most important jobs were to answer the telephone, to receive visitors and so on. This meant that for many people, on first contact I was the ‘face’ of ETF. Of course, these things in themselves didn’t take twenty hours a week, but there were always jobs to be done for the accounts department, the academic secretariat and even for systems management (despite the fact that I know nothing about computers), so I didn’t have time to get bored.

I did this job for two years and never regretted it. Working at ETF means working at an academic institution and at the same time working for a Christian organization. So on the one hand, you have the tremendous dynamics that only professors can create, and on the other hand, you are in an almost religious working environment. If you ask me, this is something unique: an experience not to be missed.


Guido MilleMille
I retired on 1 January 2012. A good while before then, I’d decided that I didn’t want to spend all that free time going on bike rides and sitting about in the sunshine. I still wanted to do something useful. But what? Then one morning, the newsletter from ETF landed on the mat. It listed a vacancy for a volunteer in the library. There followed an e-mail exchange, and after a visit to the library in Heverlee, I was certain: this was just the job for me. And to date, this has indeed turned out to be the case.

The work is very varied, from putting cartloads of books back on the shelves to the digital cataloging of new acquisitions, including a donation of 17,000 books! I find it an exciting job, in what for me is a completely new world and in pleasant surroundings. And the colleagues aren’t a bad bunch either!

Become friend of ETF Leuven

Become friend of ETF Leuven

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