Minor Prophets, Major Theologies

23 November 2020

Minor Prophets, Major Theologies

Minor Prophets, Major Theologies is one of three inspiring courses offered in ETF’s Summer Colloquium, scheduled August 16–21, 2021. This international study week includes lectures, various workshops and times for meeting and reflection, and is open for any academic scholar.

Registration is open until 1 June 2021.

The challenges of reading the twelve Minor Prophets are many. Their language is often obscure, they seem to focus on empires that fell long ago, and their lengthy condemnations of Israel, Judah, and the nations seem to reveal a monotone theology. These challenges are compounded by the claims of much recent research that there is far more dissonance than harmony within and among the Twelve, that they have little theological value, and that they are essentially separate from the New Testament.

Using biblical, literary, and philosophical arguments, and in dialogue with current approaches to the Book of the Twelve, this course proposes a hermeneutic that accepts these books as Scripture and defines the roles of the reader and his or her methods in light of its claims. Second, we will explore several of these short but rich compositions (Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah) with attention to the text’s literary, historical, and theological facets. Our theological focus will be enriched by various interdisciplinary perspectives that explore the role of power, violence, empire, ideology, rhetoric, and other elements that figure prominently in these books. The course will equip students to understand the rich theological diversity and harmonious message of the prophets in the context of the canon and in relation to their Christian faith and the academic world alike.

Dr. Daniel Timmer (PhD, Trinity International University) is Professor of Biblical Studies for the PhD program at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA and Professor of Old Testament at the Faculté de théologie évangélique in Montreal, Canada.

ETF’s Summer Colloquium in August 2021 features three inspiring courses which intersect theology, church and society. The two other courses are:

Our Summer Colloquium is compulsory for ETF Open University students and open to all interested people with academic qualifications and can serve as additional in-service training for pastors, teachers, and other ministry professionals.

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