Linking program

If you have a professional Bachelor’s degree in theology or religious studies, you can enrol in the academic Master’s program of the ETF, by means of a linking program of maximum 47 credits (pre-Master).

The linking program does not lead to a Bachelor’s degree, but gives you admittance to the Master’s program. Courses from the linking program may be followed simultaneously to Master’s courses.

The content of your linking program depends on your prior education and of the specialization of your choice. This means that deviations from the standard packages listed below are possible.

Bijbel & Theologie (47)* Kerk en Pastoraat (45)* Godsdienst en Onderwijs (45)
Gemeenschappelijk (21 of 25)
Inleiding Hebreeuws (7)
Inleiding Grieks (7)
Hermeneutiek (3)
Wetenschapsfilosofie (4) en/of Christelijke Ethiek en Moraalfilosofie (4)
Bijbel en Theologie (26) Kerk en Pastoraat (20) Godsdienst en Onderwijs (20)
Seminarie Hebreeuws 1 (3) Godsdienstsociologie: Theorie (3) Godsdienstsociologie: Theorie (3)
Seminarie Grieks 1 (3) Seminarie Systematische Theologie (4) Seminarie Systematische Theologie (4)
Seminarie Hebreeuws 2 (3) Seminarie Praktische Theologie (4) Seminarie Praktische Theologie (4)
Seminarie Grieks 2 (3) Seminarie Historische Theologie (4) Seminarie Godsdienst-wetenschappen en Missiologie (4)
Seminarie Hebreeuws 3 (3) Scriptie Kerk en Pastoraat (5) Scriptie Godsdienst en Onderwijs (5)
Seminarie Grieks 3 (3)
Seminarie Bijbelwetenschappen (4)
Seminarie Historische Theologie of Seminarie Systematische Theologie (4)

* All courses that belong to the linking programs of the specializations Bible & Theology and Church & Pastoral Ministries are offered in English through the ETF Open University.