The Will to Serve: Inspiring Models of Servant Leadership and Social Entrepeneurship

24 - 26 May 2018


The Will to Serve: Inspiring Models of Servant Leadership and Social Entrepeneurship

Location : ETF Leuven

Language : English

Inspiring social and economic leaders are able to transform a conflictual human settlement into a collaborative and caring human community. Can we induce from their ‘way of doing things’ a model of civic entrepreneurship and leadership that can inspire people in profit, non-profit and public organizations? To what extent is the will to serve compatible with the will to maximize profit or the will to gain economic, political or religious power? Do different spiritual traditions create different models and examples of servant leadership?

This conference is part of the Damien project of the European SPES Institute, a research project that focuses on Spirituality in Action through servant leadership and social entrepreneurship. It also connects to the research into leadership at the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Laszlo Zsolnai, President of the European SPES Institute and Director of the Business Ethics Center, Corvinus University, Budapest.

Prof. Dr. Johan Verstraeten, Professor of Moral Theology, KU Leuven.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Nullens, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium and director of the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE).

Apart from the keynote addresses, there are parallel sessions where papers will be presented in different tracks. For more information and registration please refer to the ILSE website.

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