Towards an Environmental Ethic of 'Fittingness'

08 - 09 May 2020


Towards an Environmental Ethic of 'Fittingness'

Location : ETF Leuven

Language : English

This conference has been cancelled due to the global corona crisis. Depending on developments, the conference will be re-organized at a later date.

In the face of an intensifying environmental crisis, the data supplied by the natural sciences has proven ineffective for leveraging significant change in human behavior required to mitigate its impact. In contrast, the aesthetic valuation of nature has proven a powerful ally in the environmental movement. However, its use has also been somewhat problematic, in that it can be inadvertently exclusionary; its focus is frequently limited to that which is aesthetically appealing. This conference seeks to address these problems by fostering interdisciplinary engagement organized around a promising, though undertheorized notion for seeing and responding to the environment: that of ‘fittingness’.

This conference forms part of the research project “Towards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness’,” which is fully funded by the Issachar Fund, issacharfund.orgIt also connects to the research into leadership at the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Michael Northcott is emeritus Professor of Ethics at the University of Edinburgh and Professor of Religion and Ecology at the Indonesian Consortium of Religious Studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada Graduate School in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). He is also guest professor of Systematic Theology at ETF Leuven.

Prof. Dr. Johan De Tavernier is Professor of Theological Ethics, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Theology of KU Leuven. Furthermore, he is Director of Ethics@Arenberg (Science, Engineering and Technology
Group, KU Leuven).

Prof. Dr. Emily Brady is Professor of Philosophy at the Texas A&M University (USA). Additionally, she holds the Susanne M. and Melbern G. Glasscock Director’s Chair in the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research.

Apart from the keynote addresses, there are parallel sessions where papers will be presented in different tracks. For more information and registration please refer to the ILSE website.

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