Suffering and Liturgy

11 March 2016

Study Day

Suffering and Liturgy

Location : Theologische Universiteit Kampen

Language : Dutch

On March 11th ETF Leuven and the TU Kampen organize a joint study day: Suffering and Liturgy: Making Space for Brokenness in Worship.

Experiences of suffering – how can we make space for them in the liturgy? Liturgy is more than the order of service. Rituals, texts, hymns and prayers, all are ways to connect the lives of the participants in liturgy with God. In this way the participants find a place in the time and space of God’s dealings with this world. Yet to facilitate this process the liturgical presider needs to have specific liturgical leadership skills. How can we account for the spirituality of the participants in their brokenness and with their desire for healing and wholeness?


Dr. Léon van Ommen
Suffering in liturgy: analysis of a worship service

Dr. Hans Schaeffer
The leader as liturgist, the liturgist as leader

Jasper Bosman MA
Suffering and the Eucharist: A tool for analysing the experience of the Eucharist

For more information and registering see the website of the TU Kampen.

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