Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


ETF Leuven has as its goal to deepen, strengthen and equip the international evangelical movement at an academic level. This is why our faculty is a destination for anyone who wishes to prepare him/herself scientifically to take on roles in churches, religious education, Christian organizations and the mission field. Through scientific research, publications and life-long learning, ETF Leuven contributes to the theological reflection of the evangelical movement in Belgium, the Netherlands and worldwide. The task of ETF Leuven is therefore to place all its activities in service of God and our neighbor.


ETF Leuven wants to equip people to take their place in Church and society in order to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the world. Our approach is Bible-based, at academic level and culturally enriching.

  • Bible-based
    In the Reformation tradition and in line with the world-wide evangelical movement, we study the Bible as the primary and authoritative source for Christian life and thinking. The attention we spend on the Scriptures does not eliminate the importance of tradition, reason and experience. But to perceive the Bible as the Word of God, emphasizes the importance of scientific exegesis of the Old and New Testaments. It also means that the Bible receives a central place in our education, research and our service.
  • Academic and up-to-date
    We are convinced of the importance of up-to-date and scientifically grounded education and offer recognized degrees at an academic level (Bachelor, Master and PhD). At the same time we stimulate spiritual formation in combination with the development of leadership skills.
  • Interdenominational and International
    People from a whole range of countries/continents and church backgrounds study and work at our institution. This multicultural atmosphere enriches the formation, broadens the horizon and prepares our students working, living and believing together in an intercultural society and church context.
New Master of Teaching Program at ETF Leuven

New Master of Teaching Program at...

Starting September 2021 ETF will offer a new Master's Degree program: the Master of Teaching in Religion.

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