The ETF is found in Heverlee, a suburb of the century’s old yet vital city of Leuven. Leuven is only a stones-throw away from Brussels, the heart of Europe, and close to the national airport. The history of Leuven as a university town goes back to 1425, when the university was founded. Erasmus, Vesalius and Mercator are some of the great minds that studied here. The buildings of the oldest university in the Low Countries adorn almost every corner, and the city life is buzzing during the academic year due to over 55,000 students residing here. It makes sense that Leuven is known as the student city in Belgium.

Leuven has many treasures: a beautiful historical city center with pearls such as the town hall built in 1439 or the even older Grand Béguinage. But also the new museum M, the botanical garden, charming shopping streets, restaurants and outdoor cafes. You will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy culture, nature and sport. In Leuven, there are a number of small Protestant Evangelical Churches. In the surrounding area, you will find even more.

It is easy to get around in Leuven by bicycle or public transport. Leuven itself is also easily accessible: the town lies at the intersection of two major motorways, there is a train station in the center of the town and Brussels airport is 15 km away.

ETF Colloquium Promotions Feature Christology, Eschatology and Worship

ETF Colloquium Promotions Feature...

LEUVEN, 5 September 2017 – ETF Leuven holds its 32nd doctoral colloquium this week. The program of this annual event includes the promotions of historical...

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