Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

The Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, in 2020, expressed in some numbers:

228 students (on 15 October 2020)

  • 81 Bachelor’s
  • 103 Master’s
  • 6 Specific Teaching Training Program
  • 38 PhD
  • 27 nationalities/countries

87 staff members (on 31 December 2020)

  • 24 independent academic personnel (lecturer, associate professor, professor)
  • 4 assisting academic personnel (assistant, post-doctoral researcher, practitioner teaching assistent)
  • 42 special academic personnel (guest-lecturers, visiting researchers, senior researchers)
  • 15 administrative and technical personnel
  • 10 volunteers of whom 2 missionaries

Over 1000 alumni

108 publications in 2020

87 doctorates awarded

6 departments

33 partner-institutions

73 residents living on campus

For more facts and numbers: the ETF Jaarverslag 2020 will give you an extensive overview of the developments at ETF Leuven in the past year.

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