Study Program

The teacher training program consists of a theoretical component and a practical component (work placement) of 30 credits each. The theoretical component consists of six courses: four mandatory didactical courses and two teaching-related courses, which you can choose from a range of eight courses. You can follow all these courses during your Master of Theology and Religious Studies program, within the specialization Religion and Education.

4 onderwijsvakken 2 onderwijsgerelateerde vakken naar keuze
Algemene Didactiek (5) Philosophy of Christian Education (5)
Didactiek Secundair Onderwijs (5) Contemporary Islam and Christianity (5)
Algemene Onderwijskunde (5) Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (5)
Onderwijspsychologie (5) Ecumenism in the 21st Century (5)
The European Reformations (5)
New Testament Theology (5)
Old Testament Theology (5)
Protestant Theological Systems (5)

The practical component (30 credits) of the teacher training course can be followed through pre-service training or in-service training. In the pre-service training various practically oriented teaching activities are brought together and provided with a framework for supervision. If you are already working as a teacher of Protestant-Evangelical religious education, under strict conditions, you can also fulfill this practical component through in-service training, the teacher-in-training path.



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