Study Program

The academic Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies program consists of 120 credits, spread evenly over two years.

  • A total of 35 credits are common courses.
  • 70 credits are linked to one of the specializations, of which 40 to specific courses and 30 to the writing of a thesis.
  • 15 credits are free electives.
  • Within each specialization you have the possibility to choose a thematic focus by use of your free electives.
  • Within the specialization Religion and Education the entire theoretical component of the teacher training course can be integrated.
Bible & Theology Church & Pastoral Ministries Religion & Education
Common courses (35)**
Theol. Sociol. Research Methodologies (5)
Old Testament Exegetical Methods (5)
New Testament Exegetical Methods (5)
History of Christian Doctrine (5)
Postmodernism, Philosophical Hermeneutics & Theology (5)
Models of Christian Leadership (5)
Church in a Multireligious Society (5)
Specific courses (40) Specific courses (40) Specific courses (40)***
8 courses from OT, NT, HT, ST Issues in Pastoral Theology (5)* Worldviews and the Christian Mind (5)*
(at least 1 out of every department) : Advanced Pastoral Care and Psychology (5)* Philosophy of Religion (5)
Old Testament Exegesis (5)* Advanced Homiletics (5) Issues in Contempor. Jewish Religious Streams (5)*
Approaches to Old Testament Study (5)* Advanced Liturgy (5)* Contemporary Islam and Christianity (5)
Old Testament Theology (5) Philosophy of Christian Education (5)* Missional Theology and Contextualisation (5)*
Aramaic (5) Ecumenical Dialogue in the 21st Century (5)* Philosophy of Christian Education (5)*
New Testament Exegesis (5) Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (5) Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (5)
Approaches to New Testament Study (5) Field Study Project (5)** Field Study Project (5)**
New Testament Theology (5)*    
Early Christian Literature (5)   Lerarenopleiding cursussen (Nederlands)
Syriac (5)* Algemene Onderwijskunde (5)*
Greek Patristics (5)* Algemene Didactiek (5)**
Medieval & Post-Reformation Scholast. (5) Vakdidactiek Secundair Onderwijs (5)**
The European Reformations (5)* Onderwijspsychologie (5)
Eastern Orthodoxy: Protestant Perspectives(5)*
19th and 20th Century Theologies (5)
Protestant Theological Systems (5)  
Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (5)    
Contemp. Discussions in Syst. Theology (5)    
Moral Theology (5)*
Ecumenical Dialogue in the 21st Century (5)*
Free electives (e.g. Latin) (15) Free electives (e.g. OT and NT (15) Free electives (e.g. OT and NT (15)
Thesis & Colloquium, B&T (30)** Thesis & Colloquium, C&P (30)** Thesis & Colloquium, R&E (30)**
Thesis Colloquium (5) Thesis Colloquium (5) Thesis Colloquium (5)
Thesis (25) Thesis (25) Thesis (25)

A description of each course can be found in the Study Guide in §4 ‘Information by Course’.

* = course is offered in the academic years starting in an odd year
No * = course is offered in the academic years starting in an even year
** = course is offered each year
*** = possible in combination with the teacher training program



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