Similar to the Dutch Bachelor’s program, the English Master’s program has three specializations.

Bible & Theology

This specialization focuses mainly on the classical theological disciplines: Old Testament, New Testament, Historical Theology and Systematic Theology. Within this specialization, you have the most extensive range of courses, and you can choose to specialize in one of the disciplines.

After completing this program, you are equipped to participate in current theological debates and make them relevant to Church and society.

Church and Pastoral Ministries

The specialization Church and Pastoral Ministries pays special attention to pastoral work and recent developments in the area of Church building, leadership and changing structures of authority. You acquire knowledge and skills to take on pastoral responsibilities and a leadership position in Church or society.

Field research is an important component of this specialization. It is possible to acquire further skills in this area in the context of your thesis.

Upon completion of this specialization, you can, for example, work as the leader of a pastoral team, as a preacher or pastor in a Church or as a spiritual caretaker in various contexts.

Religion and Education

The specialization Religion and Education challenges you to study views on the divine and faith in various religions. Particular attention is paid to theoretical and practical aspects of religious formation and to the study of contemporary missiological issues.

Field research is an important component of this specialization. It is possible to acquire further skills in this in the context of your thesis.

You can also integrate the entire theoretical component of the teacher training program into this specialization.

After completing this program, you can provide leadership in (missionary) organizations or in a variety of ministries. You can also specialize in religious education or on questions arising in a multi-religious society.

Summer Colloquium '20

Summer Colloquium '20

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Application and Enrollment

Application and Enrollment

In order to register for one of our educational programs, you first need to fill in an online application form and send us copies of your previously...

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