Credit Contract

Credit Contract


Would you like to take one or more theological courses or are you seeking to increase insight in your field? Then credit contract education offers possibilities. Students who do not primarily want to obtain a Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree and/or do not have the possibility to study full-time can enroll under a credit contract. In particular, the Summer Colloquia and Master courses are suitable for contract education, as these lectures are often offered in blocks of one or two weeks. For each course that you successfully complete, you will receive a credit certificate.


Students with credit contracts must fulfill the same admission criteria as students studying for a degree. You do have to take account of possible sequentiality: for various courses, certain prior knowledge is assumed. There are a few courses that you cannot follow with a credit contract, such as the Master’s thesis and work placement.

When you apply for a credit contract, you pay a registration fee and an amount per credit. Please consult the Study Guide for more information.

From credit contract to degree?

If you have completed one or more courses with a credit contract and decide you wish to obtain your degree, this is possible by means of exemptions. You can apply for exemptions for each course you have completed successfully.

For more information and with specific questions, please contact the academic secretariat.

Application and Enrollment

Application and Enrollment

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