Bachelor 1

Orientation year

Bachelor 2/3

Common Courses
Specific courses per specialization:
• Bible & Theology
• Church & Pastoral Ministries
• Religion & Education
Free electives

In the first year, courses are common to all students. The program concentrates on the basic methods of academic study and research, orientation in the six departments, an introduction to the Biblical languages and guidelines in hermeneutics. At the end of the year, you choose the specialization you want to pursue during the following two years.

In the second and third years, you still have a strong component of common courses, deepening knowledge acquired in the first year. In addition, you focus on specific subjects of interest in one of the three specializations: ‘Bible and Theology’, ‘Church and Pastoral Ministries’ or ‘Religion and Education’. In each of the specializations there is still room for free electives, which you can follow at the ETF or elsewhere.

In the third year, you can already gain some practical experience during a work placement in a professional field of your choice. This year, you also follow seminary subjects and you write a bachelor’s thesis, in which you apply the research methods you have learned to a well-defined theological or religious issue.

Application and Enrollment

Application and Enrollment

In order to register for one of our educational programs, you first need to fill in an online application form and send us copies of your previously...

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