ETF Leuven and Theologische Universiteit Utrecht collaborate to offer dual degree for part-time students

16 April 2024

ETF Leuven and Theologische Universiteit Utrecht collaborate to offer dual degree for part-time students

ETF Leuven and the Theological University Utrecht (TUU) have developed an education program that allows part-time students to obtain a dual degree in a flexible manner: the degree of Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies at ETF Leuven and the degree of Master Theologie Predikant at the Theological University Utrecht. TUU and ETF Leuven are thus strengthening their long-standing collaboration.

Both institutions see a need among students in the Dutch language area for a solid academic education that also offers sufficient flexibility when it comes to study feasibility. TUU’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Pim Boven: “The Open University program of ETF Leuven is a high-quality program that offers flexibility that we as TUU cannot offer. At the same time, we at TUU have a strong ministerial master’s degree, a course that ETF Leuven does not offer. With this dual degree program we can offer students the best of both academic worlds and at a reasonable cost.”

The master’s program consists of a six-year part-time program, which can be followed in a feasible manner partly at ETF Leuven and partly at the TUU; total 187 EC. This program is offered to part-time students with a model track at both institutions.

Added value of a double degree

ETF Leuven and the TUU have developed this option because they attach great importance to academically trained theologians who can serve the churches. Academic Dean Jelle Creemers (ETF Leuven): “The bachelor’s and master’s programs of ETF Leuven prepare people for positions in a diversity of church traditions at home and abroad. We see an important added value for various denominations from a broad, internationally oriented academic training of future preachers and pastors. We have been working constructively with the TUU for years. We both stand for a solid academic education in theology. With this dual degree master’s program we are adding a unique opportunity for those students who want to serve as a minister in the Dutch Reformed Churches (NGK). We now facilitate these students even better in an academic and practical sense to fulfill their calling. With this joint step, we believe we are serving both students and the churches.”


The Theological University of Utrecht has existed since 1854 and has been located in the heart of Utrecht since 2022. This academic community is committed, inspiring and reliable. These three words represent their religious activities, their relationship to God, his world and each other, and the quality of their work.

The TUU offers a bachelor’s degree program and two master’s degree programs and various individual electives and minors. This year there are approximately 230 students and PhD candidates, including foreign students.

ETF Leuven

The Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven (ETF Leuven) is a Flemish institution for academic higher education. It is characterized by a Protestant-evangelical identity, a cross-denominational orientation, an international character and a combination of highly qualified academic work and attention to community building and spirituality. Our faculty currently has 240 students in its bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

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