Christianity and the Future of our Societies

3 March 2016

Christianity and the Future of our Societies

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AMERSFOORT / LEUVEN, 3 March 2016 – ETF and ARP jointly announce the international conference ‘Christianity and the Future of our Societies’, scheduled for August 15-19, 2016 at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven. World renowned scholars like Luigino Bruni, Marilynne Robinson, and Kuk-Woon Lee will inspire to research and reflect on challenges that our world and the many nations and societies that make it up are facing today.

Fragile democracies, new geopolitical constellations, migration, radicalism, financial crises and depletion of our world’s natural resources are threats to our society. At the same time we face opportunities regarding new technologies with their moral implications.

How can global, European, and local Christians, as a worldwide learning community, confront these contemporary challenges drawing upon sources and insights from the broader Christian tradition? The biblical call to be reformed in your thinking needs a fresh application in every age and context. Christian communities worldwide have a unique opportunity and responsibility to develop a ‘shalom-enhancing attitude’ among their present and future members, many of whom will be leaders in governments, businesses, civil societal initiatives and universities and colleges.

Keynote Speakers / Topics
Participants will reflect on Christianity and the Future of our Societies with, among others: Prof. Dr. Luigino Bruni (Italy), Prof. Dr. Kuk-Woon Lee (South-Korea), Prof. Dr. Michael S. Northcott (UK) and American novelist and essayist Dr. Marilynne Robinson (USA).

This 5-day international Conference, organized jointly by the Association for Reformational Philosophy (ARP) and the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit (ETF) will take place August 15-19, 2016, in Leuven, Belgium.

A list of topics, speakers and the program schedule can be found on the conference website:

About ARP

The Association of Reformational Philosophy (ARP) has its roots in the 16th century Reformation and its direct origin in the 19th neo-Calvinist revival (in which Abraham Kuyper was a pivotal figure). One of the goals of the ARP is ‘to contribute to the deepening of philosophical insight in created reality, and to make these insights fruitful for academic studies and for society’. The Association is globally engaged in academic dialogue between Christianity and the contemporary world, and its animating intellectual, political and economic ideas and leaders. It does so in the expectation that Christianity has important and timely insights to offer.

About ETF

The Evangelische Theologische Faculteit (ETF) in Leuven, Belgium, has developed into an important European education and research center for Christian theology that seeks to show its relevance to the contemporary world and its concerns. In ETF’s international Master’s and Doctoral degree programs, students and professors from a wide variety of cultural and denominational backgrounds from around the world come together to engage in stimulating dialogue.

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