Biblical Hermeneutics of the Global South

31 January 2024

Biblical Hermeneutics of the Global South

This is one of three inspiring courses offered in ETF’s Summer Colloquium, scheduled August 19–24, 2024. This international study week includes lectures, various workshops and times for meeting and reflection.

Registration is open until 1 June 2024.

The biblical text has travelled through various continents, countries and cultures. Which methods and theories are employed for its interpretation and to what ends? This course will explore how the biblical text is read in the various contexts of the Global South. It will consider how the context, method and interpretation of the biblical text intersect and how global class, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, postcoloniality, and cultural diversity, among others, inform and shape the reading and interpretation of the Bible in the Global South.

The course will explore diaspora theories and examine African and African American, Asian and Asian American, Latin American and Latinx,  Indigenous (Palestine and Native American) and Island Hermeneutics. After reading articles from various contexts of the Global South and their diaspora communities, students will be required to apply some encountered methods to selected biblical texts.

PROF. DR. MUSA DUBE is William Ragsdale Cannon Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta.

ETF’s Summer Colloquium in August 2024 features three inspiring courses which intersect theology, church and society. The two other courses are:

●      “Pursuing Truth, Unity, and Edification, A Long History of Creeds and Confessions” by Prof. Dr. Aza Goudriaan (Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam & ETF Leuven)

●      “Awake in God’s World, Practical Ecclesiology for Missio Dei in the 21st Century” by Prof. Dr. Jack Barentsen (ETF Leuven) and Oeds Blok MA (Baptist Seminary, Amsterdam) – this course will be offered in Dutch

This international study week includes lectures, various workshops and times for meeting and reflection. Our Summer Colloquium is compulsory for ETF Open University students open to interested people with academic qualifications and can serve as additional in-service training for pastors, teachers, and other ministry professionals.

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