Become a friend of ETF Leuven

21 September 2022

Become a friend of ETF Leuven

Prof. Dr. Jos de Kock, Rector of ETF Leuven, is happy to explain why it is important to support ETF Leuven as a friend.

For four decades ETF Leuven has offered a quality academic education for theologians. An anniversary that I, together with colleagues and students, gratefully celebrated this year. ETF Leuven is a place that brings together theological formation and personal hopeful faith. A training where students from different countries prepare themselves to share the good news of Jesus Christ: in Belgium, the Netherlands and many other places in Europe and beyond.

I am convinced that just today such an education is of the utmost importance for the future of churches and faith communities. The presence of the church and the Christian faith in Europe is decreasing. At the same time, local churches and congregations are increasingly working together, new pioneering and missionary initiatives are emerging, and churches are becoming more international and multicultural. I see and speak to alumni who do their work in this context; they have a direct positive impact on churches and Christian organizations, also in your context. They are strengthening the life of churches and of the society around them.

That impact is made possible by a unique learning experience at ETF Leuven: in our campus community, people study, work and live together. In doing so, there is a special focus on the development of personal and communal spirituality. I find it encouraging to see how this enthuses people and sets them in motion.

For students, a study at ETF Leuven means an impact for life. Would you also like to contribute to the life-changing impact ETF Leuven has? Perhaps because you know people who are pursuing or would like to pursue a theological education. Or because, like me, you feel the need for sound theological education connected to personal hopeful faith.

In addition to limited government funding and student contributions, a significant portion of what ETF Leuven does, depends on external funding. The need for external funding is only increasing due to recent inflation and rising energy costs that are also affecting our faculty. ETF Leuven is an interdenominational community and therefore not affiliated with any church or denomination that carries us financially. But together with you, we can make a difference.

So, become a friend of ETF Leuven now. As a friend, you will receive a complete annual report (digital) from us every year and we will keep you informed of important developments in between.

I sincerely hope to welcome you as a friend of ETF Leuven soon.

With warm greetings,

Prof. Dr. Jos de Kock
Rector of ETF Leuven

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