29 May 2020


Dear readers,

These past weeks have been extraordinary! As a result of the rapid developments with regard to the coronavirus, academic life and work at ETF Leuven has been organized very differently. For example, all education took place online, researchers are working from home and various measures are being taken to ensure the safest possible living situation on the peda.

We are now approaching the end of the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020. That means exam time. With this in mind, our campus has been prepared to receive students. We are pleased that with the necessary measures with regard to social distancing and hygiene it is possible to receive our students at ETF Leuven for this important part of the study.

Meanwhile, we are also in preparation for the new academic year 2020-2021 that starts on 21 September 2020. Studying theology at ETF Leuven means: international, academically strong, attention to spirituality, both residential and through blended learning, and in a wonderful learning community in Leuven. See here for all the latest information.

Although we do not know how the Covid-19 pandemic will develop, we expect to start on-campus education on the scheduled date. If necessary, we are very flexible to (partially) switch to online education. The experience of the past weeks has shown that ETF Leuven is a powerful community with the ability to pursue the wellbeing of the student and provide good education under all circumstances.

This corona time has also taught us once again that we cannot orchestrate everything, no matter how well we do our best. The ETF Leuven is a community that is fully committed and, at the same time, fully dependent: serving each other and dependent on God. In this mode we look forward to the time that lies ahead of us.

Prof. Dr. Jos de Kock
Rector ETF Leuven

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