Research Center for Early Christianity (RCEC)
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To chart the formation of early Christian identity along different dimensions (creed, spirituality, liturgy, church order etc.). We desire to communicate our results on both academic and popular levels, to assist evangelicals in refining their present identity and to engage critically in ecumenical dialog with Christians from all traditions.


To position ourselves by 2018 as a key European reference point for the study of early Christianity from an Evangelical standpoint, by attracting students and scholars to this endeavor, by publishing (affordable?) dissertations, monographs and major reference works in most relevant categories of the field, by networking at the level of both international conferences and local churches, and by building a steady source of funding for administrative support, scholarships and teaching chairs.


  • To serve scholarly, educational, public-relational and apologetic purposes, and thus involved in research, networking, documentation, education and publication;
  • To be outgoing and inviting, pursuing contact and good relations with other academic institutions, with Christian churches and organizations, and with sponsors (government, donors);
  • To serve Christian ministry (esp. in Flanders & Holland) by lectures, brochures, study days etc.;
  • To shed light on the origins of Christianity, and documenting the continuity between Jesus and his apostles on the one hand and historical Christianity with its classical confessions (Apostolicum, Nicaenum) at the other hand. In this way it aims to contribute to the scholarly discussion and at the same time to provide churches and individual Christians with the documentation they need to confirm and/or refine their definition of authentic Christianity and to improve their expression of it in their own time and situation.


Senior Researchers
  • Dr. Michael Choi
  • Prof. Dr. Donald Fairbairn
  • Prof. Dr. Gie Vleugels (director)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Webber 
Junior Researchers 
  • Drs. Jack Barentsen 
  • Lic. Maria Verhoeff 


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Research Center for Early Chr.